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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Laughing Madcaps Syd Barrett Group to Pass 3,000 Members Soon!

Syd Barrett
Syd Barrett
The original Syd Barrett Pink Floyd discussion group, the Laughing Madcaps, is about to pass 3,000 Members! This is a significant number because 3,000 is the number that the group topped out on at the original interface on Yahoogroups. Laughing Madcaps began waaaaay back in 1998 on the original "groups" social networking interface: Yahoogroups. Those eight years, up until Syd's death in 2006, were exciting and halcyon times.

Syd Barrett
The group's Founder, Kiloh Smith, states: "Before Laughing Madcaps, there really wasn't a place for Syd's fans to meet and congregate. The Laughing Madcaps Syd Barrett group was the first place where fans could go and meet each other and interact." Kiloh continues: "These were the 'Wild West' times of what became known as Social Networking. I remember Yahoogroups allowed folks to attach any file to their message. We went through the Great Virus Spreading Days before Yahoo got on the ball and corrected it. But the group did do some wonderful things. Most importantly, we came together and produced THE set of unreleased Syd Barrett music (Have You Got It Yet?) which is still the standard today. For that, I must give credit to Steve Czapala; a Syd friend from the mid-Eighties. I had seen over the first flush of material submitted by fans which was over 100 discs worth of material. I mailed this mess to Steve and he listened to it all and made the first approximation of "best" material. Then he ran with the project and brought several other people in who were key players."

Syd Barrett
Syd Barrett
To read a better account of the Making of Have You Got It Yet? go here.

And it continues

Around four years ago, Yahoogroups was losing market share in the Internet "groups" area. Basically, people were abandonning it for Twitter and Facebook. The group had resisted a MySpace challenge back in the day but the allure to move to Facebook appeared too strong. This turns out to have been a good move as the group has been steadily gaining membership and is expected to top 3,000 soon.

Kiloh Smith says: "We are still the Numba One Syd Barrett group in the world and maintain a healthy and loyal membership."

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