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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Did Roger and David Sabotage Madcaps Laughs?

Listening to Madcap Laughs, I always used to cringe when Lone Gone, leading into the Breakdown Sequence came on. That's most of the second part of the album. Before Opel came out the Jenner tracks were heavily bootlegged. I used to think: "Why didn't *they* include these, far superior, tracks on the album?

Then I started the famous Laughing Madcaps group years ago I began hearing people post about Gilmour and Waters "sabotaging" Syd's effort. Think about it, Pink Floyd was hardly a household name back then and they had been mired in doing soundtrack work and were further mired in making that, love it or hate it, opus of excess, Ummagumma. I'll tell you this, because I remember, Ummagumma ended up RIGHT in the "cut out" bin when it came out.

I maintain that in the immediate years after Syd was ousted from his own band that he was a much superior creative force to "Pink Floyd". This means that he was writing and recording better songs than them.

I think that the Peter Jenner produced tracks from 1968 are waaaaaaaay better than any of the non-Syd stuff from Saucerful or that hodge-podge LP More. Some of that non-Syd stuff on Saucerful is pretty hard on the ears while More sounds like them farting around in the studio. Some of the tracks are pretty weak too like that drumming track. I wonder whose idea it was to put a tribal drumming track onto the album? Somebody who might have heard Rhamadan? The tracks are waaaaay too similar.

Then we get to that turd of an album called Ummagumma. The first disc is nothing but live Syd covers; them milking the previous era for all it was worth. The second disc is pretty fucking weak.

To compare this weak studio shit from what Syd was doing in the studio for Madcaps Laughs is to compare a yearling stallion to a worn out old plow horse. The Madcap stuff is miles and miles and miles better than the Ummashitta stuff!

Here's mad Syd writing these fantastic songs and acting like he could give a fuck. What better way to "make sure" that his solo effort doesn't eclipse the band's? Put the Breakdown Sequence in! And both Gilmour and Waters stating that they did it to show the "truth" of Syd's condition and "show how it was" making the album lend credence to that theory. WHO does such a thing when making an album? One wants to put out THE BEST effort, the BEST STUFF. So, by their own admission, Waters and Gilmour DID sabotage Madcap Laughs.

You know what? I think Pink Floyd knew it too! That's why Waters wanted to "help" with the mix and ignored monumental finished tracks, right at the mixing console, to hastily record and release demoish sounding tracks that hurt Syd's image. Maybe that's why Syd hated Waters so. He ruined his album and cemented his image as a crazy fuck up.

What did Pink Floyd have at this time that was better than Syd? organization. Pink Floyd had organization. They were more organized. Syd didn't help his cause by walking away from Peter Jenner in 1968. He didn't help his cause in the recording of Madcap. He didn't take things seriously. Pink Floyd, with their superior organization, did.

But all factors taken into account, Syd was outperforming and out-producing Pink Floyd in 1968 - 1969. So Waters needed to throw a monkey wrench into things. But Syd could have prevented that by being more organized.

If Madcap Laughs had come out with the below revisions, I think that it would have been much better received.
She Took a Long Cold Look 1:55
Feel 2:17
If It's in You 2:26

Opel 6:26
Swan Lee (Silas Lang) 3:13
And if one wanted to make the album even stronger, replace:
Long Gone 2:50
Lanky (part 1) 5:32

So, the revised Madcap Laughs tracklist would be:
1. Terrapin
2. No Good Trying
3. Love You
4. No Man's Land
5. Dark Globe
6. Here I Go
7. Octopus
8. Golden Hair
9. Opel
10. Swan Lee
11. Lanky (part 1)
12. Late Night

Tracklist of what came out:
1. Terrapin
2. No Good Trying
3. Love You
4. No Man's Land
5. Dark Globe
6. Here I Go
7. Octopus
8. Golden Hair
9. Long Gone
10. She Took a Long Cold Look
11. Feel
12. If it's In You
13. Late Night

Find a link to a Revised Madcap Laughs Spotify playlist HERE.

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